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More fuel on the Romney Pyre?

February 24, 2012

Interesting piece in the Guardian today detailing some of the comments made by Jeb Bush during and after a speech in Dallas. Is Jeb going to enter the race? He is doing nothing to dampen the rumour mill, the exact opposite in fact – he is ramping up the speculation.

Is this a way to get his name into the field to see how well it plays before making a decision one way or the other?

He goes out of his way to criticise the current GOP field and if he now does sit it out on the side-lines he has potentially dealt the eventual nominee a critical blow. If even a senior member of the Republican party cant endorse the nominee how do they expect the ordinary voter to back them?

If I were cynical I might think that that was exactly the game plan; dip your feet in the water without really getting wet, see how it plays but unless it looks unbelievably good (it wont) back out having mortally wounded any nominee’s chances in the general and at the same time set himself up nicely for a run in 2016. If a Republican does get elected this time round his bid for the presidency might not come until 2020.

All eyes on Michigan – a defeat here and the Romney bid goes up in smoke.


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