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January 23, 2012

Back to the Root

Romney is in serious trouble if he can’t put Gingrich back on his heels. And soon.

While Newt Gingrich has skillfully used the long series of GOP primary debates to keep himself alive, mount at least three unanticipated returns from the dead and, most recently, to trounce his South Carolina opponents, Mitt Romney—the once-presumptive front runner—has been mostly flummoxed in his one-on-one debate engagements with Gingrich (in the same sense that Bikini Attol was mostly flummoxed in its engagements with the hydrogen bombs being tested there).

As a result, Romney has tended to treat the former Speaker…ummm… gingerly…in direct encounters throughout most of the early debates, relying instead on a large field of contenders to bash each other while he manfully deployed ‘third-party-sponsored’ attack ads—especially in Iowa—to blast at Gingrich from the safety of a duck blind (or whatever it is Romney uses as cover when he goes out hunting ‘small varmints’ as…

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