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the central premise

December 18, 2011

The central premise behind the album is the temporary and fragile construct of life itself.

The songs on this album seek to affirm, or re-affirm in some cases, those emotions and instincts which are central to our lives – they could be said to question our very nature or being, consequently seeking or attempting to identify the purpose of our existence.

Many of the songs deal with hopes, dreams and ideals. But many songs also look to the existential as a means to reveal the truth or what is perceived to be a truth upon which life or community is built.

Concomitant themes collide to blur the distinctions of what is possible, what has been achieved and what are the desires which drive us all in the maelstrom of being.

At the centre of these songs and at the albums heart are the questions asked of the listener – what would happen, where would we be if these things were no longer part of our life? Is it possible to have life if these base, raw, visceral elements of our being were removed or in someway separated or sidelined from our being?

Whilst the songs included in this compilation do not in themselves provide any answers they attempt to engender an emotional forum in which these questions have the space or environment to be assessed and contemplated.

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